Jamie ‘Jai’ Morrison is an author and health, fitness and wellness champion. Jamie’s love for reading started when she found the books, The Coldest Winter Ever, by Sister Souljah and Flyy Girl, by Omar Tyree. As a child, Jamie’s passion for reading became her escape after she and her siblings were sent to live with various family members.

Jamie earned her master’s degree in physician assistant studies after 13 years of service in the military as a medical technician. After having her second child, Jamie began a health, fitness, and wellness journey that led to fitness and bodybuilding competitions.

Fueled by her desire to help others and trials she faced as a young woman, Jamie shared her story in her first book, 16 Years 2 Life. Her second book, Boots, Bibs, and Barbells, encourages women from all walks of life to chase their goals and shows them how to take the fear out of meal planning.

During our conversation, Jamie talks about:

  • Her challenging childhood of neglect, mental, and emotional abuse
  • Losing both of her parents at 11 years old
  • How she found the courage to share her truth
  • The correlation she discovered between childhood trauma and physical health & fitness
  • How she balances motherhood as an author, personal fitness trainer, and a full-time career as a physician’s assistant in the military
  • How she practices self-care
  • How she spends quality time with her children and more…

Where you can find Jamie Morrison online:

Website: https://jamiejai.com

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/the_jamiejai/

I hope you enjoyed my conversation with Jamie Morrison, and that you feel inspired to follow your dreams. No matter where you are in your life, you can always make time to do what lights you up and makes you feel alive.

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