Lynette Bradshaw is a bestselling author, speaker, coach, and professional photographer. She is the owner of Restore Her Worth, LLC where she helps moms restore their emotional and financial independence, shift their stories, and evolve into the best version of themselves. Lynette’s coaching services are for women who are ready for their next chapter in life. She is passionate about helping women discover who they are on a journey of ownership and authenticity of self.

Her bestselling books are: In Search of Me: A Journey to Self-Love, Self-Worth, and Purpose (available in paperback and workbook); Moments of Gratitude Journal; and The Locked Chamber: Healing the Hearts of God’s Daughters. Lynette also co-authored the bestseller, Soulful Prayers: The Power of Intentional Conversation with God.

Lynette is a proud mother of four beautiful children and grandmother of two precious grandchildren.

During our conversation, Lynette talks about:

  • How she became a life coach for moms and what led her to serve in the way in which she does
  • The struggle she faced to redefine herself after divorce
  • How she reconnected with herself and reclaimed her identity
  • The first thing she did during her process of redefining herself
  • And more…

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Facebook: Lynette M. Bradshaw

I hope you enjoyed my conversation with Lynette Bradshaw and are feeling encouraged.

Life goes on after divorce. In many cases, it gets better!

As you heard with Lynette, she was able to redefine herself, reconnect with her dreams, restore her worth, and is now walking in her purpose.

I’ve been there, and I know how difficult divorce and rebuilding your life afterwards can be.

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