As a black woman and mother of three sons, I’d been watching what’s going on in our country with a deep sadness and concern. No matter how much I tried, I couldn’t stop hearing George Floyd cry out for his mama while he struggled to breathe at the hands of police officers. Once again, another black man was carelessly killed. Another precious life taken – just like that.

I felt afraid for my sons, my brothers, my cousins, and friends because that could have been one of them. I grew numb and silent as I struggled to figure out what to say in response to not only George Floyd’s murder but also of the many other black lives that were taken at the hands of police officers.

As I thought about the present state of our country and all of the things I couldn’t do to protect my loved ones, I began to feel helpless.

It wasn’t until I made the decision to speak out that I started to feel better. When I went live on Facebook for the first time and shared my candid thoughts, I felt powerful. I realized, in that moment, that my voice is my power. Even though I can’t change systemic racism and eradicate police brutality by myself, I can use my voice to speak up.

That is what this episode is about. I’m sharing my thoughts and encouraging you to use the power of your voice to make a difference.

I’d love to hear your thoughts after you listen. You can leave your comments below the show notes or email me at

Thanks for listening and remember to use your voice – it’s your power.

Take care,