Valerie Ashford Brown is a powerful coach with a single focus of empowering women over forty to redefine themselves and optimize their possibilities. She helps her clients gain clarity on the what, why and how of their personal and professional lives. Through her coaching and speaking, Valerie empowers maturing women to understand who they are, why they’re here and how to shift into a life of joy and fulfillment in the second half.

During our conversation, Valerie talks about:

  • Being ostracized when returning to corporate America after 15 years of being a stay-at-home mom
  • Not knowing her worth in the workforce
  • Her empty nest syndrome experience
  • Women over 40 getting back to their values and what they want
  • Taking small leaps that result in big action
  • How she defines self-care and more…

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Facebook: Coach Valerie Ashford Brown

LinkedIn: Valerie Ashford Brown

Twitter: @valbrownspeaks

Instagram: @valbrownspeaks

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