Cherie Burton is a pioneering spiritual psychologist whose evolutionary STAND SPEAK SHINE method transforms women into authentically embodied and empowered feminine leaders. As a mother of six, author, international speaker and host of the Women Seeking Wholeness podcast, Cherie is passionately driven to guide women influencers to heal, express and create, using the “new feminine leadership paradigm”.

During our conversation, Cherie talks about:

  • Feeling trapped as a young mom “drowning in diapers”
  • Why she’s passionate about helping moms find their voices and purpose
  • Her technique to manage fear
  • How successful people still fear but show up anyway
  • Divine order, your sacred need, and learning how to be “in asking”
  • How to receive more abundance, love, and peace in your life, and more…

Here’s how you can connect with Cherie online:


Facebook: Cherie Burton page



Twitter: @WomenWholeness

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