Auguste Crenshaw is a business coach who specializes in strategy, mindset and sales. You can find her somewhere on social media giving a ton of value. She is the epitome of living and breathing unapologetically. Her secret weapon is her mindset. More importantly, Auguste knows the power is in being “herself”.

During our conversation, Auguste talks about:

  • Her calling to be a coach and help people use their voices.
  • What “awethenticity” means and how it affects the way you show up in life.
  • How to develop a raw, real, relentless mindset.
  • Struggles that black female entrepreneurs face and how they can show up to be successful.
  • And much more…

Powerful Quotes from Auguste:

“Regardless of what it is that you do, regardless of how you talk, you need to be that.”

“People connect with us at the heart and essence of our being.”

“When you don’t show up as who you are, by default you’re already shutting your business down.”

“You can’t have the audacity to be a coach and tell people you’re gonna help them get everything they’re going through and to tell them they’re worthy of love and that their being is important when you don’t respect the being that you are.”

Here’s how you can connect with Auguste online:



Instagram: @augustecrenshaw

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