Sabrina Blocker-Little is a bestselling author, wife, and proud mom of two sons. Despite experiencing many hardships and challenges in her life, Sabrina never gave up. Her strong faith and determination to live empowered Sabrina and revealed her purpose of sharing her experiences with others. Sabrina enjoys sharing her wisdom and light, her love of God and life, and encouraging women to never give up no matter what they are facing.

During our conversation, Sabrina talks about:

  • Overcoming her fear of sharing her story
  • How journaling helped her get through a difficult divorce
  • Her healing process after divorce
  • How to know when you’re healed and ready for a new relationship
  • What self-love is and why women need it
  • How she wrote her bestselling book and more…

Powerful Quotes from Sabrina:

“When we’re blessed with children, they can be used as an instrument of strength.”

“When you’re in a committed relationship and someone steps out on you, it’s nothing that you have done. When a person has those issues, it’s their problem.”

“You have to learn to take a leap of faith in the next relationship when you’ve taken the time to heal first.”

“Once we get past the fear and realize that someone else needs it (what we have), it gets easier and easier to tell your story.”

Sabrina’s Parting Words of Wisdom:

“Whatever you’re going through, you can make it through. Continue to push toward your dreams. Things don’t stay bad forever.”

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Instagram: @sabs.books


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