Angela Henderson is a business coach for women, keynote speaker and podcaster who helps women business owners from around the world have consistent 5-figure months and multiple 6-figure years, without burning out in the process. Her skills were honed at the helm of Finlee and Me, where she learned everything from branding, PR, sales funnels, email marketing, website, copy, SEO and more. She knows what it takes to have a strong brand, consistent sales, steady growth and unwavering dedication.

During our conversation, Angela talks about:

  • Her first e-commerce business success story and how it evolved
  • Common challenges women business owners face
  • 3 signs that it’s time to hire a business coach
  • Avoiding common mistakes when hiring your first business coach
  • How to qualify a business coach and know if he/she is a good fit and more…

Powerful Quotes from Angela:

“Always lead with value.”

“Women in business actually know what they need to do. They’re just stuck on the intricacy part and how-to’s”.

“Hiring a business coach is a safe way to get an honest opinion on your ideas as well as having a partner to support you during the planning and implementation.”

“Once the foundation is in place, it’s so much easier to move forward in your business.”

“Your success or your failures come down to the actions or inactions you choose to do.”

“Your network is your net worth.”

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