Jenny Fenig helps you remember who you truly are – a magic maker. Her work focuses on empowering creative women entrepreneurs to increase their confidence, impact, money and time-freedom by mixing modern and ancient practices.

During our conversation, Jenny talks about:

  • how she wrestled with the idea of leaving her 6-figure job and felt like something was wrong with her
  • learning how to sit with discomfort and trusting yourself
  • not letting fear keep you in hiding
  • how she discovered her niche to serve women
  • a system that supports parents during the pandemic
  • working in your business vs. working on your business and more…

Powerful quotes from Jenny

“I needed to trust that opening up that space would show me what was next in my life.”

“I had really, really robust training, and I just simply needed to shift how I was utilizing that to create my new life.”

“When I honored that truth, when I honored that voice within, I’d find what I was looking for.”

“I felt confident that I could solve a problem and serve a need.”

“When we give ourselves permission to show up in the season that we’re in, we can feel more aligned, more grounded, more spacious.”

“You are a magic maker. There is literally no other person like you.”

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