NaKeara Bond is a salon owner, wife and mom. As a beauty coach and licensed hairstylist for more than 16 years, NaKeara teaches women from all walks of life how to be confident in their outer beauty while empowering their inner beauty.

During our conversation, NaKeara talks about:

  • how she developed her idea of empowering women and building confidence
  • overcoming her fear of starting her own business and fear of failing
  • managing her business, family, marriage, and time to herself
  • why she makes self-care a priority and what she does to recharge
  • getting rid of mom guilt
  • different seasons that require you to focus on different things and much more…

Powerful quotes from NaKeara

“I definitely know the value in women having a changed, transformed look – how it can truly change their lives.”

“Take the false guilt off of yourself – the false pressure that you can’t put yourself first.”

“Your self-care is not an option.”

“I felt like I was Jonah everywhere that I went, and God was trying to push me to where I am now.”

“There are things that you’re never going to know until you’re in it. It’s impossible for you to know everything.”

Here’s how you can connect with NaKeara online:


Instagram: @bondedbybeaute

Facebook: NKH Salon & Nail Spa and Hair Beauty & Style Lounge

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