Cheryl J. Moses is a Digital Marketing Expert and Intuitive Brand Strategist to ambitious entrepreneurs who are ready to confidently scale with a signature system to build a profitable business. Cheryl is the CEO of Mogul One Media, LLC, a branding agency that helps professionals become a leading resource in their industry while maximizing their profits, influence, and exposure.

 During our conversation, Cheryl talks about:

  • how she overcame her struggle with owning her gifts
  • what she did to generate money as a new online business owner
  • intuitive branding and how business owners can use it
  • why business owners need a signature system
  • biggest branding mistakes new entrepreneurs make
  • how she finds time for herself as a mom and CEO and more…

Powerful Quotes from Cheryl

“We have to be where we are in the moment. We have to own it and claim our power.

“Whatever you want is on the other side of the fear that’s in front of you. Stand in the fire until you get to the other side.”

“Your intuition is everything – it won’t steer you wrong.”

“To build the brand you want, you have to trust yourself.”

“I want women to own their power and understand how influential they can be.”

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Facebook, Twitter & Instagram: @cjmosesbiz

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