Want to make good money by starting up a business of your own, but bored by the traditional consultant, and freelancing options? Well, you are most definitely in the right place. In fact, in the post below, you can find some of the more unusual options for starting up a business. Ones that could also be profitable, and certainly won’t be boring either. Read on to find out what they are. 

Mobile rug cleaning 

One such non- traditional business option to consider is mobile rug cleaning. In fact, many people overlook this idea because they fail to see the incredible potential that it has. After all, getting rugs genuinely clean can be a time-consuming and challenging process. Therefore by offering householders a service where you come to their own home and do it for them, you can drum up quite a bit of business.  Especially if you can do the job in as little time as possible.


Pest control 

Another unusual business option is to startup a company that specializes in pest control. Of course, such an enterprise isn’t for the faint of heart because you may be called on to deal with all sorts of insects, rodents, and even small mammals from time to time.

The good news here is that there are plenty of pest control business opportunities to choose from. With some being based solely around one type of pests such as mosquitoes. While others will have you dealing with a range of infestations from cockroaches to rats.


Picture found at Pixabay – License CC0

Of course, few people are willing to tolerate the presence of such pests in the living area, and that means plenty of work and profit for anyone choosing this novel option.

Dog care 

There are more than one unusual business option in the field of dog care to consider. The most common being static and mobile grooming salons explicitly designed for pooches. Then there are the daycare options which include pet walkers, sitters, and even doggy daycare centers.


Oh, and don’t forget the boutiques that cater specifically to dogs, offering them the latest fashions, fancy dress, and diamante collars either. After all, they could make you a pretty penny, all while doing something interesting and way out of the norm. 

Burial provision 

Now, it may never have occurred to you even to wonder what happens to our earthly form once we die. Let alone consider this field as a possible area to startup your own business. However, there are some pretty novel opportunities to be had here. 

One that is worth considering is starting up a company that produces biodegradable cardboard caskets. Something that allows people to be buried in nature and for their remains to go back into the Earth. 

You may prefer, however, to start a company that deals with remains directly, converting them into something more meaningful and lasting. Such as an artificial diamond, or even the beginnings of an underwater reef. That is a novel idea for a business and one that could be very profitable, too.