Marketing has changed a lot in recent years, with traditional marketing methods falling out of fashion, in favor of more focus on digital marketing like social media or email newsletters. But does print marketing still have a place in modern business? 



Used correctly, print marketing can still be an eye-catching marketing tool, that lasts longer than a digital advert. Take a modern approach to print and keep a little of the traditional in your marketing mix.

Combine print with modern media

Combine print with your digital marketing methods. Use print to direct people, through website addresses of QR codes, across to your company website or social media channels. Use a consistent design so leaflets and posters feel like part of your digital plan, instead of a separate marketing channel. 

Get creative

Think outside the box when designing print material. Forget boring posters and instead go for interesting, eye-catching design. Experiment with embossing, foil effects, or chips that can be scanned by smartphones. Use a local printing service to design and create interesting print materials.

Use print as a showcase

For some things, having a high quality, glossy brochure to flick through is more satisfying than looking at things on a screen. For event brochures or product catalogs, print is still supreme. Just make sure the quality is high and the design looks modern.

Consider your audience

If your target audience is older, you can and should use more print. A younger audience is more receptive to online marketing, but for older people, classic methods like direct mail and print advertising can still be the most effective way to reach them. Take a regular audit of who your customers are, and speak to the right group in the right way. 

Remember the classics

Some print materials will never go out of use. Classic items like business cards and roller banners will always have a use. Give these items a twist though, with some more modern design. Business cards don’t have to be plain; try interesting shapes, textured card, print effects in different inks or even a clear business card. Roller banners for trade stands can be swapped for a more interesting fabric stand. Choose modern design to stand out. 

Stand out

Most of us are flooded with email marketing everyday, and ignore most of it. This focus on email means that most businesses aren’t using print anymore. Sending out direct mails or leaflets is a different way of marketing now, meaning your business will stand out. Print is a good way to maximize exposure. A potential customer can interact with a piece of print whenever they want, and pass it on to other people they think might be interested. Print marketing can create great interest in your company. 

Stay credible

A lot of people have an inherent distrust of the internet, as we don’t always know which parts are legitimate. Print is often perceived as more credible and when used properly, can be used to build trust in your company. Internet advertising can feel overwhelming, with banner ads and pop-ups on every website. Print is less disruptive, and therefore, more trustworthy.