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Deciding to take the plunge and go freelance is a big step. Leaving behind the safety and security of a steady income from employment is a big deal. It makes sense that you would want to not only make sure you are not only generating enough income but also protecting the business you have already built.


Photo by Avel Chuklanov on Unsplash

How do you go about making sure you are protecting all your hard work on a day to day basis? We’re going to discuss the best practices to adopt into your business to make sure you are as protected as you can be when it comes to making sure your work, and that of your clients is protected as you build your freelancing career regardless of the industry you are working in.

Protecting Your Freelance Career.

Be Secure.

Make sure all your data is protected and secure. No one wants to be held hostage due to malicious code opening up vulnerabilities on your site allowing hackers to access your data. It’s not good for you as you are left with a mess you need to clean up and it doesn’t instill trust with your clients who want to know their details are safe with you.

So make sure you choose suitable hosting and software that can keep you and your clients safe at all times. Choosing secure hosting that caters for you and your business needs and can offer support and protection from hackers can give you peace of mind.

Have A Backup Plan.

When you store all your information in a digital world, you want to know that it is protected and will be available to you at all times. Minimizing downtime is really important when you work solely online. No one wants to be that person who is unable to access information when needed so having backs ups of all your data is essential.

Keeping paper copies isn’t always an option so make sure that you choose a company that offers help desk & server support to make sure you are able to access everything you need to when you need in case of an emergency. 


As much as you plan and protect against things going wrong, sometimes they can. Can your business afford to reimburse your clients should anything go wrong? Regardless of your chosen industry, freelancers need to protect themselves against the unknown too. The last thing you want is for something to go wrong and you suddenly find yourself being liable for not delivering on work agreed between yourself and the client.

Before you take the plunge, think about how Freelancers Insurance can help protect you and your business against any unforeseen circumstances should the worst happen. These things do happen from time to time so taking appropriate action to cover yourself beforehand is essential. Any insurance you do take out needs to fully cover anything expenses likely to occur so you can still carry on operating should you be able to do so.