Most people who work a regular job tend to have it easy when it comes to their pension. Their wages are automatically deducted and the money goes straight into a pension plan that they can access when they retire. However, for self-employed individuals, it gets a little more complicated. In general, you’ll need to pay more attention to your retirement fund and plans to ensure you’re getting a good deal.

This isn’t the only concern to keep in mind. You also have to worry about your legacy and if you’ll still be affiliated with the company or service that you’ve spent so many years building. It’s hard to just say goodbye, hence why many business owners refuse to retire.


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Having an exit strategy

If you’ve spent a lot of time building up your business then you’ll likely have an exit plan. Perhaps you want to drop any relation to the business that you have, meaning you’ll sell it to another company. Or perhaps your goal is to retain your majority share in the business so that you still control it even after you retire. There are a number of exit strategies to consider and it’s important to think about it as you consider retirement.

Get ready to educe the next generation

Whether it’s your own family taking over the business or a talented senior member of staff, it’s important to speak to your successor and train them to run your business the way you intend for it to run. This training process will help build a solid relationship between you and your successor, and it’ll also teach them a thing or two about how to run your company.

Turn your retirement into a business

It’s also possible to make use of your own business when retiring. For example, if you’ve got the funds to do so, you could always start your own retirement home or complex and become a customer of your own services. As both the CEO and a customer, you have a unique relationship with the business that helps it grow and become stronger in the industry. While this might sound incredibly niche, there are businesses like Crown Furniture that provide high-quality handcrafted furniture that is specifically designed for aged care, health care and retirement living. As both the customer and the owner, you have an incredibly unique role that few ever experience.

Diversifying your portfolio

If you’re planning on retiring but still want to generate some income, you may want to consider diversifying your wealth and investing into a number of different things. Some people prefer to just keep their money in a bank, especially after they’ve sold their company. However, if you’re willing to put some effort into learning about investments, then you could easily diversify your portfolio and learn to make a fairly considerable amount of passive income. This could be more effective than leaving your money in the hands of financial investors that control your pension.