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Your office or workplace might not be the most dangerous place to work, but there is potential risk everywhere and it pays to keep your safety and the safety of your employees as a top priority. Not only will your employees feel a lot safer knowing that you care about their well-being, you’ll also easily pass safety inspections that might be required of your business at any given time. To give you an idea of what kind of safety equipment you should be getting, we’ve put together a nice list of the most common types.

safety in the office

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Medical Equipment

First of all, make sure you have medical equipment in your office. Even if you only use computers in your office, there’s still a chance that your employees could suffer from cuts, grazes, bruises that could get worse without light treatment. Make sure your medicine cabinet is well-stocked with supplies that could make the lives of your staff easier. When you recruit certain staff members with special medical needs or who carry around emergency items such as AEDs, you may want to look at supplies such as Foremost Equipment to ensure you have spares of these life-saving devices. You should be accommodating toward these employees, and if that means upgrading or restocking your medicine cabinet, that should be a top priority.

Fire Safety

Fires can happen even if you have nothing that generates heat. Fires can start from other buildings and spread to you, or a fire could start from something small such as a dropped cigarette or a faulty power socket. Make sure you carry out essential fire safety checks such as securing your fire door and testing any kind of fire extinguishers you may have. Remember that different extinguishers are made for different materials, so consult a fire safety expert to get the best equipment for your needs.

Security Systems

If you want to keep your business safe, you’re going to need security equipment. For starters, make sure you’ve got CCTV cameras all around your workplace. Link them to a wireless camera setup so you can record the footage even when you’re not in the office. This will help you find thieves. It will help to solve disputes if there are arguments or physical contact involved and it also gives your employees peace of mind, unless the cameras become intrusive and annoying.


Lastly, make sure that you correctly label all of this safety equipment. For instance, make sure you correctly label where fire exits are and place signage around the office that points to your exits. Ensure that every fire extinguisher has a label on it that shows what type of materials it’s used for and how to actually use it. In addition, you may want to have signage for potential accident areas. For instance, make sure you warn people when the floor is wet from cleaning. All of your signage should be clean, easy to read and durable so that it doesn’t peel off during hot weather.