As an entrepreneur, you always want to look ahead at the positive elements of running a business. You want to increase your profit margins, and the best way to do this is to focus on how to make more money. By generating more revenue, those margins will burst open wider than ever before.

But, there are times when you have to assess your business and focus on some of the more boring aspects – like saving money. Saving money in your business helps you widen your profit margins as well because you spend less. One of the most costly areas of a company is the office. It incurs loads of expenses, and you probably feel as though you can’t keep them down. However, saving money on office expenses is way easier than you think; here’s what you should do:


Get rid of your hefty phone bill. pixabay

Lower Your Phone Bill

Offices often rack up a huge phone bill that costs your business loads of money every month. Especially if you have foreign clients that you need to call from all over the world. The international call costs can be staggering! But, as the Business Computer Associates website shows, you can slash your phone bill with a VoIP service. Basically, this means you start making calls over your internet connection rather than a typical phone line. The costs are far less, the quality of your communication is better, and it just benefits your business. With this simple move, you can dramatically decrease your regular office expenses.

Go Paperless

Genuinely, what’s the point in paper documents these days? Everything can be safely secured online, and it’s much harder to lose a digital document than a paper one. Your business will spend untold amounts on paper throughout the year, not to mention the knock-on costs of printer ink as well. By going paperless, you will save so much money, while improving the reputation of your business as you look like a green company!

Downsize To A Smaller Place

Your business can save loads of money on office rent if you move into a much smaller office. You’ll find the smaller offices in the same building cost a lot less, simply because you’re not paying for as much space. To compensate for this, you could send some employees to work from home – either permanently or on a rotational basis. Plenty of jobs can be done remotely these days, so it’s a brilliant idea.


It’s bring your laptop to work day, every day. Pexels

Bring Your Own Devices To Work

Instead of spending money on computers or laptops for the office, why don’t you get everyone to bring their own to work? This way, you immediately save thousands of dollars in office equipment costs. Not to mention saving money on maintenance expenses for this office equipment. In the short and long term, it’s a smart decision.

Your office expenses can get remarkably high when you don’t keep tabs on them. It’s so common for entrepreneurs to see these costs and be cautious about trying to lower them. They assume that the changes will be dramatic and have a negative impact on the company. But, as this article shows, the changes aren’t that crazy, they’ll save lots of money, and they won’t harm your business. If anything, they’ll help improve it!