For many people looking to start a business, the obvious option is a service-based business. That’s because outsourcing is bigger than ever and if you can offer professional services to other business owners, you could make a lot of money. It provides that developing and designing products is not the only route you have to take if you want to be a successful and profitable entrepreneur in 2018. There’s so much more to the world of business than that.

But which kind of service business should you start? There are plenty of ideas out there that are worth your consideration, and if you’re unsure of where to start, we’re going to help you out. Whenever you’re starting a business, it’s worth considering your options and understanding the pros and cons. Only then can you make a decision that’s going to be properly informed and good for you.

So it’s time to look at some of the service-based business ideas that are worth considering as an entrepreneur. Read on to learn more and finally decide which way forward is the right one for you.

Public Relations Services

All companies need some kind of PR representation if they want to have an impact on the wider world and manage all the stories that get printed about them. If you understand the world of public relations, it could make sense for you to start a business in that niche. If you are able to help business represent themselves better in the wider world, they will gladly pay for that kind of service. Of course, it’s not always easy to get this kind of work done and to do it successfully, but if it’s something that you have a gift for, then go for it and make money!

Delivery Services

The rise of e-commerce has simultaneously resulted in the rise of delivery services. After all, those online purchases have to get to the buyer somehow. Delivery services are pretty common right now, but the market isn’t all that crowded if you find the right kind of niche within that market. This is the kind of business requires quite a lot of money to get off the ground because you obviously need to hire drivers and invest in the delivery vans themselves. If you can handle that burden and you have a solid business plan, it’s definitely an idea worth considering.

Fitness and Yoga Instructing Services

Fitness culture is getting bigger all the time, and it’s one of those things that you either get or you don’t. If you’re one of the world’s growing number of fitness obsessives, you probably already understand what this is about. Personal training, yoga instructing and many other niches could be yours to explore as an entrepreneur. There is a huge demand for these kinds of services right now, so why not use your experience to get ahead and start making money? People are never going to stop worrying about their waistline and their health.

Specialist Cyber Security Services

These days, every major business worries about the threat posed by cyber crime. There are so many scams and scammers out there looking to take advantage of businesses that are not properly cyber secured, so if this is something you understand, you could put your expertise into practice and sell your services to businesses. They’ll pay good money for the peace of mind that comes with good cyber security. It’s a specialist niche so you’ll only be able to go far if you really know what it is you’re doing and what you’re trying to achieve. Build a team of professionals, however, and you’ll be on your way.


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Pet-Related Services

Every pet owner loves their pet, but that doesn’t mean that they’re always able to offer them all the care and attention they need. That’s why the pet services industry is such a big deal right now. If you’re able to offer strong services to pets and their owners, you will start to grow a strong reputation and those pet owners will recommend you to others they know. That’s how these kinds of businesses get off the ground and start finding real success. Pet-related services can cover anything from grooming and walking, as well as plenty of things in between.

Tourist Services

If you live in a location that’s pretty popular with tourists, why not make the most of that and make some money out of it? Tourists always want to be shown around by people who know what they’re doing and where they’re going. So show them the sights and start your own guided tour company. Of course, that’s just one idea and there are so many others that are worth your consideration in the realm of tourist services, so start brainstorming and see which ideas you can come with. You might surprise yourself with the options and opportunities out there.

Professional Cleaning Services

In a professional setting, first impressions matter and that’s one of the main reasons why professional cleaning services are so important to corporate businesses. You could offer something in that market if you think you have what it takes to get started and offer businesses what they need. Of course, there are plenty of things you’ll need to buy if you choose to start this kind of business, including equipment and cleaning essentials. You’ll also need a team of people and something like cleaning business software, CleanTelligent Software. Once you have the basics set up, it’s all about pitching to businesses and winning over clients.

Tutoring or Consulting Services

Most people have a specialist area of knowledge that runs deep. If that area of knowledge could be helpful and useful to businesses or individuals, you could make a lot of money by tutoring or consulting. This can be done on a freelance basis or you could choose to set up your own small enterprise. Knowledge can be a highly lucrative resource if you know how to leverage it in the right way. Consultants are paid a lot of money by big and small businesses so don’t underestimate this idea. It could be just what you’re looking for.

Residential Exterior Cleaning Services

Cleaning out gutters and keeping exteriors fresh and visually appealing isn’t easy. Most people don’t want to be climbing up ladders in their spare time, and that’s why they hire other people to do that kind of cleaning work around the outside of their home. It’s something that you should most definitely try to make the most of if you’re not afraid of heights. There are so many residential properties that suffer problems as a direct result of problems with clogged gutters and other such issues. Preventing such problems could be one of your new business’s main selling points.

Gardening Services

Gardening is another thing that people traditionally don’t like to spend that much time on. People either like gardening or they view it as another chore that eats into their free time, and most people fall into the latter category. You should think about how your own green fingers can make you money. If you know what you’re doing with a lawnmower and you know the difference between a Dutch hoe and a pruning saw, this could be the business idea for you to pursue. You’ll need to make sure that your services are professional and complete if you want to win over customers.


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Customer Service Support

Customer service is every business’s worst nightmare, but it can’t be ignored. No one wants to listen to customers yelling down the phone and complaining about things you have no control over. Many of them now outsource their customer service support needs to external companies who know what they’re doing. If you have a customer service background, perhaps you could create one of those companies other businesses outsource their customer service support needs to. It’s more realistic and attainable than it might sound on first hearing, and many other people have found entrepreneurial success this way.

Event Planning Services

Events come in all shapes and sizes, but the one thing they all have in common is that they all take a lot of planning and organizing. Event planning companies are now a big deal and they make a lot of money each year. From music festivals to weddings and business gatherings; there are a million different types of event out there that require competent and organised people to put in the long, hard hours. Obviously, it’s not always easy making a success of this type of business but it can be done if you’re willing to keep plugging away at it.

The future is all about services, so this is something that you should give serious thought to if you want to start a business and make a real success of it. Just make sure that you play to your own strengths and weigh all of the pros and cons before you decide what kind of business you want to start.