Leads are vital because they are what your sales team convert into customers. Of course, all business want as many customers as they can handle. Therefore, if you want to increase leads for your company to work with, read on for some smart advice. 

Rock your SEM

Search engine marketing or SEM can be a complicated game. This is because there are so many different elements, including SEO and PPC.


SEO is all about getting your business to show up in the search stylist above any other. Something you can use keyword optimization, backlinks, and content marketing to achieve. 

PPC, on the other hand, is paid advertising that skips over organic search results and puts your business right at the top of the first page. Something that will make sure it is seen before any of your competitors. Of course, this makes PPC a very vital tool when it comes to SEM.

What that means is getting experts like the ones you will find at to organize your PPC for you is probably the smartest idea. Unless you fancy risking all those valuable leads and having a go at PPC yourself. 

Drop the FAQs

You may think that having an FAQ page like the ones discussed at on your website is a smart way of streamlining your customer service employees’ time. The reason being that customers can look up answers to common queries without engaging with a real person. 

However, such a page may actually be working against your business because they can put potential leads off and cause them to navigate away from the site. In fact, if the FAQS are too hard to find, difficult to understand or don’t answer exactly what the customer needs to know you risk losing them.

With that in mind, it is much better to offer a direct interaction opportunity. Whether it’s calling a phone line, email, or even a live chat box on your site. The latter being something you can read more about at What these methods do that FAQs don’t, is allow your leads to speak to a real person. This being an interaction that is far more reassuring that just reading the answer from an information page. 

Tap an existing market 

Now there are two options you can pursue here. One is to use tactics like the ones mentioned at to re-engage customers that have previously shopped with you. Something that is often much quicker and easier to do than seeking out new leads. After all, if you are doing your job right, they will already have had a positive experience with you. They will, therefore, have established a level of trust with you that can be leveraged for more sales. 

The other option here is utilizing a database of people that share a similar demographic to the one you are looking for. Something that you can buy, or subscribe to get access to online. 

In fact, the closer the demographic profile of the people on the database to your customers, the better. This is because you can also target all of your marketing material and strategies much more specifically to them. Something that is known to make then much more effective in generating reliable leads for your business.