So, right now, you’ve got a lot going on. So much so, that business is good, but you’re starting to struggle. Because we all want to be busy. Busy is good – it’s better than not being busy, that’s for sure. But sometimes, you find that you’re working way more hours that what’s considered healthy, and your quality of work is even starting to slip. And it’s at this point that you usually have to step back, admit that you’re struggling, and work on making a change for the better. To help you stay afloat, you might want to think about outsourcing some of the things you need to do. But what? If you’re not sure what you should be sending out, here are the key areas to outsource.


Whether you’re a freelancer or a CEO, if you’re doing your own taxes, STOP! Even if you’re great with numbers, this is definitely a task that could be taking up some of your valuable working time. By all means, keep your finances in order, and stay on top of everything so that you know where you are financially. But, hire an accountant to do your taxes for you. This could cost you as little as $200 – and that’s a small price to pay to get some hours back and get yourself back on track.


Regardless of what your business does, or what kind of business you have, we all need to be pushing our sales processes in order to bring in new business. But when you find yourself struggling to keep up with your actual workload, you shouldn’t be prioritizing sales. Instead, get someone else to do it for you. You should definitely still be thinking about pitching and looking for new business, because you never know when things will dry up, but you don’t have to do it yourself.


If you find that you’re spending hours every single day answering phone calls and responding to emails, then you need to stop. With companies like Receivr, you don’t have to deal with inquiries ever again. If you want to focus on getting your work done, outsource your calls and emails so that you don’t get distracted.

Customer Service

When you start to deal with customer service, you really are diving into a rabbit hole. You might respond to one customer, to find that you’re still dealing with issues hours later. And in the meantime, you’ve gotten further behind with your work. So outsource your customer service too. You may find that things also improve with experts on the case.


And finally, get someone to take on your errands too. When you have parcels to post, dry cleaning to pick up, and groceries to buy, you have to somehow fit it all in to your business schedule. Or do you? With an assistant, you can make sure that it all still gets done, just not by you! Then you can focus on your workload and start to swim, instead of sinking.