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When your business success depends on your ability to attract new clients and retain existing ones, being able to negotiate a deal and secure a contract is vital. Of course, there will be plenty of your competitors aiming to do the same thing, so you’ll need to be innovative and original if you want to increase your share of the market. For inspiration, take a look at these top tips for successfully schmoozing a client:

Make it Social

When you’re schmoozing a client, don’t assume that your interactions have to occur in a formal environment. People are more relaxed at out-of-work events, which gives you a great opportunity to impress a potential new client. By hosting events, such as, you can impress future clients with your resourcefulness as well as get to know them away from the office. Furthermore, events give you the opportunity to bring in other people from your business, which means you can increase the effectiveness of your under-the-radar pitch.

Share a Common Interest

People tend to bond more easily when they share a common interest, so be sure to find out what your potential client’s hobbies and passions are. If you’re lucky, you will genuinely share a common interest, in which case you won’t have much work to do. If you don’t already share a hobby or interest, you’re about to! Find out everything you can about a hobby of theirs and learn enough so that you’re able to talk about the topic authoritatively and entertainingly.

Be an Active Listener

If you’re feeling nervous about schmoozing with a big client, don’t let your anxiety affect your behavior. When you’re interacting with a potential client, the most valuable information will come from what they say. By being an active and attentive listener, you’ll show how much you value what they say, and you’ll also gather valuable information that you can use at a later date.


Pexels – CCO Licence

Always Follow Up

Schmoozing a client isn’t a one-time activity, so be prepared to follow up after an event or meeting. The information you’ve gathered will be extremely useful when you follow up, so be sure to bear this in mind. Ask about how a recent project turned out, inquire about how their kid’s school play went, or update them on your shared hobby! Whatever information they’ve previously shared with you, use it as a reason to follow up with them.

Be Sociable

Hosting events is a great way to impress future and existing clients but attending their company’s functions or going to industry events is important too. When you’re present at these informal events, you’ll have a great opportunity to schmooze with other top players in your industry. By making connections and strengthening professional relationships, you can ensure your social calendar plays a big role in the success of your business.

Staying Confident When Schmoozing

A lack of self-confidence can leave you feeling nervous and ineffective when it comes to schmoozing a client, but prior research will ensure you’re well-prepared. When you have a strategy in place, you’ll feel more comfortable and relaxed, which will show in how you interact with people. Over time, your experience will help to boost your confidence and schmoozing clients will become second nature.