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 The life of your home sweet home before you

Your home is your nest. It’s the place where you relax, the place where you feel safe, and the place when your family grows. So it can be difficult at first to think of homes as a business opportunity. However, each home was a business before a family can move in and call it theirs. Here’s what happened in the backstage of your home sweet home.

Renovating forgotten homes

If the home you bought wasn’t a new build, it might have been the project of a property developer. Indeed, property development, whether it’s a side hustle or a full-time career, is about buying a neglected house and renovating or refurbishing it for resale. While this might sound simplistic at first, it takes a lot of courage and a solid network of helpful specialists to bring an old home back to its former glory. In fact, most property developers will know a few professional builders to get things going smoothly.

Building new homes

Builders, whether they work on renovation projects or new properties, are the most important and yet the least praised individuals when it comes to putting a house together. They assemble every house, piece by piece, and have to make do with most weather conditions – believe it or not, but working in the rain is not fun or easy. If your house is part of a new housing estate, it’s likely that the builders have joined bid opportunities to win this specific project. Housing estates are often built by governmental institutions or large companies offering procurement opportunities.

new home

Home under construction

The essential thinker who makes it work

For large-scale renovation works or newly-built properties, a team of architects is essential to create the plans for a finished house. In procurement projects, it’s not uncommon for architects to have to pitch their ideas in front of a panel of judges. Ultimately, architects need to present an aesthetic and pragmatic vision to the builders and the authorities responsible for the building permit.

The eco-friendly engineer

We live in a green world, which makes it impossible to receive a building permit if the property doesn’t meet standards set for sustainability and energy consumption. An energy specialist needs to work closely with the architect and builders to improve fuel-poor locations and reduce energetical waste at home. Modern housing estates are working with engineers to guarantee comfortable, affordable and sustainable houses for struggling homeowners. In isolated building projects, you can also create a fully sustainable home.

modern home

Eco-friendly building

The one who sells the home

Finally, if you bought your home through a real estate agent, you’ve met the last person to intervene in the creation of your family nest. Realtors have an eye for identifying property trends so that you can rely on their expertise to find the perfect spot for your family and professional life. They also have in-depth knowledge of each location and their demographics evolution, which means that you can trust them to find a home at the best price in a quiet and modern area (if that’s what you want).

From building to selling, your home has met many specialists before it finally found you.