Everything we do in business is, in the hopes of securing sales. Hence why we spend so long on things like marketing from the moment we open our doors. But, with such a heavy focus around online sales and social media, many businesses are neglecting one crucial aspect of operations.

Even with the digital revolution, 65% of Americans still prefer to shop physically. While there’s no denying that many customers will look online first, then, you can still bet a lot of your customers will come to you. And, when they do, it’s down to your team rather than your Tweets to seal deals. 

That’s why it’s worth asking whether every member of your team is armed with the right tool kit for building customer relationships. Their ability to sell could, after all, make or break your efforts. Rather than focusing all your efforts online, then, make sure you first equip your team with the following building basics.

The foundations

Any good building starts at the foundations, and the foundations of decent sales start with training. If there was ever anything to splurge, this would be it. The moment you bring a team on board, then, make sure they know as much as possible about your products. Other courses, such as customer service-specific options, are also a pretty decent bet for solid foundations.


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The bricks

You can’t build a house without bricks, and you can’t build a business without giving metaphorical bricks to employees, either. The bricks of your sales team are the equipment and access you provide. This means basic things like tills and card machines. It also means providing the ability to access all company information from one computer. It isn’t going to look great if they have to start a sale on one computer only to move to another, after all. Make sure that never happens by turning to the cloud computing offered by Networx IT Solutions and others like them. In short; ensure your team has all the equipment and capabilities they need to complete every sale with as much ease as possible. 

The cement


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In building terms, cement is that finishing touch towards stable completion. And, this is a security you need to make sure your team can achieve. The fact is that a transaction is never secure until the money is in your business account. A customer could make all the right noises and sit through the entire sales pitch only to decide that they aren’t interested. Make sure it doesn’t happen by providing your team with the ability to seal those cracks. Your best option here would be to grant your team the ability to offer discounts and deals. That way, they’ll be able to secure deals on their own, without once risking a loss while they ‘go to get the boss.’

As you can see, your team doesn’t need a massive tool kit with drills of every size. But, they do need these building basics to bring the profits you so desire.