Technology is a wonderful thing. It helps us be more productive, it can automate certain tasks in our business and it allows us to work remotely without even needing to be in the office. However, while technology can be a complete game-changer that improves our business drastically, it can also be an Achilles heel.

The truth is, while technology is incredibly fast, efficient and productive, it’s also vulnerable. Imagine working on a laptop that eventually develops a fault due to a manufacturing malfunction. You lose all of your work and you’re unable to communicate with your other team members, rendering you useless and unable to be productive. At this point, your expensive laptop becomes a hefty paperweight that has a slim chance of survival.

To help you stay productive and immunize yourself to technological faults, here are a couple of solutions that you should consider.


Source: Pexels (Understand Your Technology)

It might sound a little basic and boring, but it’s actually incredibly important that you focus on understanding why you use technology in the first place. An article such as this one from might seem obvious and simple, but it’s actually an important read that will help you gain a logical understanding of why we use certain technologies.

Back Up Your Data Regularly

If you’re a responsible business owner, you’ll want to back up your data. Whether it’s customer data, spending data or even employee information, all of your crucial data should be kept safe and sound in an off-site backup location that is updated at least once a day. If your computers and network were to fail in your office, you’d have a way to recover any lost information and drastically reduce the impact of a technological failure.

Utilize Cyber Security Planning

Your business isn’t safe at all from cyber criminals if you don’t use the latest software and hardware to protect yourself. You can use a service such as to help you set up cyber security defenses. This can prevent you from having to deal with the effects of data being stolen or computers being infected with malware. Not only does cyber security give you peace of mind, but it also gives your consumers a reason to trust you.

Don’t Go Completely Paperless

There’s a reason why many companies are still using paper in their workflows. Whether it’s printing out sheets of paper that are important or sending invoices in physical form, paper can still be useful. Yes, companies want to reduce waste by removing paper from their business, but think of it this way; before the internet was even around, companies ran like well-oiled machines. We relied on our own wits and whatever resources we had to become a successful business. The internet (or technology in general) was still so young and unpredictable that nobody used it. In short, technology can be a handy advantage, but if you can’t run your business with pen and paper when needed, then you’re going to put your business at risk of technological failures.