Employees they can make or break your business, there is no question about that! So it’s always worth investing in them and treating them well. But what does this actually look like from the perspective of the boss? To find out keep reading, as below you will discover some of the best ways to be a wonderful boss. While still ensuring your business is as successful as possible.

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Flexible Hours

One way to really look after your employees is to offer them flexible hours wherever possible. This doesn’t mean those awful zero-hours contracts where folk still have to get up to work, only to be told to go home if it isn’t enough for them to do. Instead, it’s all about allowing them to work the hours that best suit them. This can be beneficial to the worker in many ways, including getting a better work-life balance, allowing parents to come in later so they can drop their kids off at school in the morning. As well as making it possible to reduce commute times.

To do this, it can work well to set the required number of work hours, and then leave it up to your employees to decide when these will be.

To ensure it works for both parties, it’s useful to have an hour tracking system. As then you can easily see who has worked over or under what they should have. Allowing them to adjust this the next week. Making it fair for everyone. Fairness being of vital importance if you want to be a good boss.

Health Insurance

Another thing that you can do for your employees to keep them happy at work is to offer them health insurance. In fact, business health insurance is seen as a major boon by many employees because it meant that they are covered if they get sick. So they don’t have to rely on free services or face the strain of paying for their treatment themselves. Something that can relieve a lot of stress on your employee if the worst does happen.

By providing health insurance, even if you are a small business you also show your employee that they matter as people, beyond just the work environment. Something that will have a positive impact on their job satisfaction and should also help to maintain motivation and productivity in the workplace.


Stress, It is perhaps the plague of the 21st century. Maybe because our lives are so different to what they use to be, or perhaps it is just because we have got so much better at recognizing the symptoms? However, one thing is certain, and it’s that stress and related conditions like anxiety and depression are rife.

Although you can help your employees with this by working hard to quash any negative cultures in the workplace such as bullying, work for work’s sake, and unrealistic expectations. Yes, it might take awhile, but in the end, everyone will be better off for it. As it allows your employees to be happier at work, which in turn should help your productivity and retention. All things that can have a positive effect on the success of your business.