As a blogger, you don’t always know what money-making opportunities are open to you. It often take you a while to realize that earning money with a blog is not only viable, but a strong choice. At the same time, you can also find that you never really know how you’re going to maximize your income and make the most of the opportunities out there either. At first, you may find your feet with the likes of content monetization such as affiliate marketing and PPC links. While they’re bringing you a steady stream of income, you may then like the idea of pushing your income further by launching a product. However, you may not know exactly what kind of products to consider. So, here are five that are often successful when launched by bloggers.


A simple, cost-effective and interesting product to start off with is often an eBook. It’s highly likely that you’ll find lots of bloggers offering eBooks as one of their first products. This is because they’re often something that you can make mostly by yourself. They also give you experience of creating, launching and selling a product on a much smaller scale. In the long run, they’re also a source of automated income as viewers can click to buy the product without you having to do anything other than creating it and setting it up to be sold and downloaded.


From here, you’ve also got courses that you can create. Courses are often a great step forward from an eBook. However, they will only be relevant if you have something to sell that people want to learn. Whether it’s a makeup source or a course on financial freedom, creating and selling courses can be a bit more work, but can also offer you a great amount of return, too.

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If courses are something that does suit your blog and the niche you’re in, you may like to consider mentoring, too. If you’ve positioned yourself as an expert in your field (and indeed you are one), then this could work for you. Launching a mentoring program is going to take you time. But it’s also a product that can provide your customers with a lot of value and you with a great return too.

Physical Products

Next, it’s on to the physical products, rather than online, downloadable, or more service style product offerings. Whether you want to launch beauty products or clothing, homewares or food, you’re going to need to research the product content and then find packaging and product labeling services. You will need to put more money in upfront for these products.


Finally, you may also want to launch merchandise. This can often be a little simpler to arrange. You can often create your own merchandise by customizing it online as you order. Then, you’ll often be able to stock up on products to sell. Make follow-up ordering easy so customers will return again and again.