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You may be expanding your business, branching into a new sector or simply replacing an employee that has moved on to new pastures. Putting your efforts into a much-needed recruitment drive can be tiring,but necessary if you want to hire the right person for the job the first time. You need someone with the right ethos that matches your company – someone who has the skills needed to do the job and someone who can fit seamlessly into your cohesive and established staff team. Read on to find out how you can find the best recruits.

Make Your Advert Fit For Purpose

If you’re keen on hiring a marketing manager, make sure your advert screams to the most talented individuals in that field. Far too often, job descriptions are ambiguous or cover too much ground. If you don’t want a jack-of-all-trades, then don’t make your person spec read as if you’re looking for a financial marketing and payroll expert with experience in advertising and HR. You want a nuanced and focused professional, so highlight key skills that you require for the role before mentioning any desirable elements.

Head To The Internet

With LinkedIn now the prime professional networking site, it makes sense to tap into this pool of talent. Promote your job advert online. Encourage colleagues and industry associates to share your post. You may find that the most random friend of a friend knows someone who is looking for a position close to where your company is based. Get their resume, meet the individual and assess whether they are a good fit. The best source of potential employees is the recommendation of a like-minded colleague or friend.

Look Further Ahead

If you’re keen to outsource your recruitment, you could create more time to focus on more pressing aspects of your business vision. You could allow a specialist headhunting firm to source the best candidates for you. If you’re after an exceptional SEO specialist, get an IT recruiter on board. If you need a financial whiz, there’s no better avenue to go down than payroll recruitment from Portfolio Payroll. Rather than utilizing an umbrella recruitment company, head to the niche headhunters who have the best job seekers on their books.

You Need To Appeal to Good Candidates

Sourcing the best candidate for your open position is a two-way process. The finest employees may have their pick of jobs and will be in high demand, so you need to appeal to them and demonstrate why your company is a good choice for their employment. Show off your employee benefits, reward the position with above average salary and encourage any candidate to meet your team at interview stage to see if he or she will gel into your business.

Hiring the right person for the job is fraught with pitfalls. However, if you promote your advert to the widest audience, work with external recruiters and look beyond a simple resume, you will find your ideal recruit.