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If you feel that you have far more potential than you can utilize in your current job role then it sounds like it’s about time you hunted down your next big career opportunity. Nobody should ever feel trapped in one job for their entire life. You always have the freedom to move onto bigger and better things. Obviously, if you’re being realistic, that can be a difficult move to make. We all need money to pay for the bare essentials in life, so you can’t just leave the comfortable confines of your existing career to chase down a pipe dream. But a dream career doesn’t have to be a pipe dream. If you have no idea where to start looking for your next big career opportunity then let’s talk about a few different routes that might work for you, depending on what kind of person you are.

Are you sociable?

If you’ve always been the talkative sort then that’s a skill to utilize in the workplace. You might laugh at that idea, but there are many careers in which sociable traits are desirable. Perhaps that isn’t the case in your current job role, but that probably means you’re just in the wrong role. If you feel stifled and isolated in your current work then it’s time to look for an opportunity that lets you spread your wings and socialize with people, whether that means connecting with clients or colleagues. Going into sales might be a good place to start. It’s a career path that would let you earn a salary by connecting with human beings to sell them goods or services. You might even want to consider a career in recruiting, as this is a job role that would allow you to socialize with people on a daily basis.

Are you logical?

Perhaps you’re not necessarily a doer or a socializer, but you are a big thinker. And having an intelligent mind is highly valuable in the business world. Companies in all manner of industries are looking for logical individuals to help them in all manner of roles. Of course, it all depends on your academic background and level of experience. You could consider a career in accountancy, for example, if you’re good with numbers and organization. This could be the perfect job role to satisfy your analytical mind. Alternatively, your next big career opportunity might lie in the legal profession if you’re willing to go back into studying. You could check out law firms such as Ogletree that are offering many positions to professionals. The point is that many different industries need “thinkers”.

Are you an entrepreneur?

Perhaps you’re tired of working for the man. Perhaps you want your next big career opportunity to be a self-made job role. And if you have an entrepreneurial spirit then there’s nothing stopping you from going down the freelance route. You could make a lot of money by essentially starting your own business. In the current state of the job market, it’s often easier to create your own career. Sites such as Fiverr and Freelancer are great places to start if you want to directly sell your services to clients, whether they’re creative or technical in nature.