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In this day and age, can you really afford to not be keeping up with technological advances in your workplace? At home you might have a Nokia brick phone from 1999, a box TV with a VCR hooked up to it, and still don’t quite understand dial up internet. But at work, in your company, you need to show that your business is moving with the times, if not a step ahead of your competition. Technology can be a massive help yo your business, and it can even save you money in the long run.


Starting with your equipment in the office; is it up to date? There are so many computers out there which will last a good few years with regular updates, and won’t need replacing every year like a lot of tech we have nowadays. Aside from computers think about introducing tablets into the office. They can be used in projects, meetings, and offsite work to great effect. If you offer company phone to employees, look outside of huge brands like Apple and Samsung, and at smaller, but highly rated phone companies like the Google Pixel.


Apps can be a huge help to your company, and one that everyone is used to having. With apps like Bamboo HR, your staff can put in holiday requests and notes at anytime and receive an answer straight away. It also allows you to manage any staff complaints and shift rotas remotely. You can get apps to help you manage invoicing and finances too. They are particularly good for smaller businesses or if you are operating on a smaller budget as it can easily cut out the middleman and free up some resources.


On the subject of apps, why not look into making one of your own? With an app development agency you can easily create an app that fits your company perfectly. If you are an e-commerce store, then a shopping app is definitely in order. But there are also options for other, non-retail avenues. Look at the yum app – it lists recipes and links them to the original site.

Go paperless

Going paperless might mean a lot of changes in your office, but in the long run it will be worth it. Not just for your bank account too – but for the environment. Scrap paper memos floating around the office and switch to an email blast. Office meetings are the same – and you can incorporate tablets here if you wanted to. No paper means no need for a printer, and we all know how expensive ink can be, and how much people don’t care about printing too much. You can also ‘go paperless’ by encouraging people to bring reusable coffee cups into the office (providing that you don’t use cups.)