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If you’re currently looking to acquire premises for your startup, be that an office, creative space or even industrial space it suggests that you’ve turned a corner, going from a tiny acorn of an idea into a fledgling business – migrating from a home office to commercial premises.

However, we don’t always stop and appreciate what we have, and pat ourselves on the back enough for reaching specific milestones within our businesses.  Indeed, today, we are often too busy focusing on what’s next in a culture that craves more, more, more that we can feel complacent or even unappreciative of the progress we are making and the resources we do have.

In this vein, a small office space can be overlooked as something to grin and bear, or put up with, rather than something to celebrate… yet, this is something to celebrate, and it’s important you take the time to recognise your achievements – even if you are crammed into a tiny space like a sardine in a tin.

Something you might find useful is that there are number of space saving or, space illusion making hacks that can give employees, clients and yourself the impression that your environment is one of more affluence and spaciousness.

This article looks at three aspects of squeezing the most out of a small office space, so that you and your staff can feel more comfortable and productive, whilst giving an enhanced first impression to customers and prospective clients alike.

  1. LIGHT

The term “dark and dingy” has a tendency to be used to describe small spaces, be this an office or an apartment… and of course nobody appreciates going to work, or living, in a dark and dingy space because it gets people down.  Indeed, whilst your environment doesn’t directly shape who you become, it does influence how you feel about yourself, and how you feel about yourself affects absolutely every area of your life.

The interesting thing about small spaces, though, is that the darker a space tends to be the smaller and more claustrophobic it tends to feel.  In contrast, the more natural light that fills a space the more light, airy and spacious the space feels which uplifts and energizes people.

Indeed, if you were to picture someone in a dark space you would probably imagine that person to have their head down, be sat in a corner, uninspired and feeling a little on edge; whereas when you picture a light and breezy space, you picture someone standing tall with a smile and warm greeting.

The amount of light in your space really does make a huge difference to how people feel and respond to your office environment.


The more cluttered and boxed in an office feels due to having lots of things lying around the smaller the space will feel.  For this reason, it can be helpful to consider a more minimalist approach in terms of the decoration and furniture within your space, and perhaps look into options such as Conex Boxes in order to gain more storage space in an affordable way.

  1.  COOL

When a space feels too hot people tend to get agitated, lose concentration, and become tired. It’s therefore important to ensure an adequate supply of cool air into the space order to help people stay focused, and ideally this will be fresh air rather than air conditioning.